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02.14.20: thank you, i love you

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

New relationships are hard to come by in your adulthood, not just romantically, The older you get, the more factors are involved - trust issues, slowly turning more introverted, the social anxiety of being around certain people or simply the weather affecting your mood. Speaking to my own experience and multiple conversations on this exact topic, I realized that these feelings are all valid.

Last year was one of the harder years for me, but as bad as something can get, I believe that life doesn't throw you things you can't handle. I wanted to just prove that I could get through this joke of a mess I got myself into in the first place. Any decision you make or path you take has an outcome and it's up to you to do your best (or not).

2019 gave me some awakening moments. I won't list all of them because last year was definitely a year of lessons. Also, it's February and we are already in the thick of 2020.

I learned be present and content with what you have in that moment.

...who really has my back at the end of the day and to foster those relationships.

...timing is everything. A few key people entered my life in specific periods of time and I believe they were there for a reason.

Near the end of the year I made three people I met or I had known but we never were very close fill out a few reflective questions. Some questions and answers were too personal, but here are the highlights.

I made the decision to do this every year with new people from the year whether that's one or ten. I'm keeping these anonymous in respect of the parties.

I don't believe in Valentine's Day, but this is my way of celebrating love.

To these three beautiful souls: I love you, thank you for being you.

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