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NOVEMBER 29, 2018 - eks.rei, showcased twenty original paintings at The Letter Bet in Montreal.

The artist's first touring show included  works from 2017 and 2018. Showcased in three rooms for opening night, contemporary Sumi style art took up every inch of the gallery.


Upon entry, a lantern hung outside with eks.rei's signature smoking skull. The first room was a traditional white-wall gallery space filled with large scale works. New to the show, the artist showcased relaxed collage-like art masterpieces.

The secondary room was covered in raw cloth in natural and indigo, along with copies of sketches plastered throughout the room  - a showcase of the artist's mind. Lit in red, white flowy fabric draped through a hallway to create a sense of mystery and a change of mood. Exiting the cave, an oversized lantern hung above which led to 11 of eks.rei's desirable Ginko Yen. 

artist / nguyen lee

art direction + production / melissa chai

photos / paolo azarraga

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