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i see different segments of life through color palettes.

i am like the ocean. healing and timid at times, vicious and roaring when necessary.

I think it's important to give yourself some time to reflect and appreciate on the memories, the highlights and the people that really make you. I have always believed, 'you are the company that you keep'. The people you surround yourself with shape you. Continuously edit your life in every aspect and find out why people have come and gone. You can always learn something from the people that enter your life.

Last year I decided I wanted to start a series of questions with *new* people that I met and impacted that year. I decided answers would be submitted anonymously as I wanted the answers to be raw. Coming up with the questions allowed me to reflect and appreciate those wonderful beings. I have realized it has really my ode to them for showing up for me.

Yes, "2020 was a hard year". The whole world found it tough - we were and still are in a pandemic. The flip side is that important issues were able to surface and I am hoping that the world is rebuilding and relearning together. Like anything, you learn and grow through the process and I feel grateful to be able to take a step back and slow down.

This year, I can't say I was able to have enough interactions with new people that impacted my life, but instead, grew roots with my current friends. Friends that have turned into family and continuously show up just because.

The commonalities in these three are that they always know when to send a message when I'm feeling alone - to say hi, to chat through problems and to find solutions together. They make the world feel a little less cold on the darkest of days. One, grounds me and offers me a different perspective. One, builds up my confidence. One, reminds me to continuously learn, grow and change. I am at a different stage with each one of these individuals when it comes to our friendship, but I feel lucky to do life with them. They are all the kindest of souls and all remind me to stay soft in hard times. They make me feel resilient.

I hope you find inspiration in their answers.

To these three amazing souls: Thank you for existing. For sharing time with me. For making me restore faith in humanity. I'm excited to continue growing with you, challenging each other and becoming the best we can be.

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