you left me when i needed you the most.

did i ever really need you? 

holding onto summer because it was

my last good memory of you and i 

didn't want to leave the warmth

of that space

you were the first person to make me feel secure.


until you didn't.

you look at me like you care.

but i don't know if you care more than

the way you look at me.

i'm confused with if who i am is someone i want to be.

thank you for being kind when i felt my worst.

thank you for helping me pick up the pieces.

you made me regain hope in humanity.

exploring the art of getting intimate is terrifying and beautiful at the same time.

you felt weird. different. innocent.

i want to be comfortable kissing you, but i like the idea of exploring your lips

that you tell me all those kind whispers with.

i went numb

until i found someone who made me want to write again.

i guess i was wrong about you and that says something about me, 

which is terrifying.

thank you for finally letting me go

when i couldn't say goodbye

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